Latest Past Events

CSRC Colloquium – Prasanna Balaprakash

Virtual Zoom Seminar

Title:  Democratizing Deep Learning Development with DeepHyper Abstract:  In recent years, deep neural networks (DNNs) have achieved considerable success in learning complex nonlinear relationships between features and targets from large […]

CSRC Colloquium – Sven Leffer

Virtual Zoom Seminar

Title:  Nonlinear Optimization at the National Labs Abstract:  We review a range of challenging DOE applications in design and control that are formulated as nonlinear optimization problems, ranging from the […]

CSRC Colloquium – Youngsoo Choi

Virtual Zoom Seminar

Title:  Physics-constrained data-driven methods for accurately accelerating simulations Abstract:  A data-driven model can be built to accurately accelerate computationally expensive physical simulations, which is essential in multi-query problems, such as […]